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Why choose Red Wheel Solutions

We are experienced maintenance, asset management and reliability consultants who improve operational performance by addressing people, process and plant issues. We do this by measuring, analysing and understanding your situation and then working with you to make improvements.

Our single most important promise is to deliver lasting solutions to you. Immediate benefits come from savings in time, money and worry. Lasting benefits come from improved competitive position, regulatory compliance and peace of mind.

We have a proven method of passing on expertise so that improvements are enduring and not just a flash in the pan. This means that our customers around the world in a wide range of industrial sectors have consistently lower maintenance costs, lower downtime costs and can plan future investments with confidence. In short, our work enhances their competitive position.

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Our focus
Helping you increase competitiveness with:

  • Increased output
  • Better use of capital employed
  • Reduced operating expenses
  • Reduced operational risk
  • Reduced compliance risk
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How we can help you
More about what we do and how we've saved money for our clients

Sharing our knowledge to help YOU get the results you want!
Our Solutions
Increasing your business' efficiency and saving you money.
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How we have helped our clients across a range of industries

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